Join the Plastic-Free Dining Challenge!


the foodservice industry is a major contributor to plastic pollution…but you can help!

June 1, 2018, LEAF launched our Plastic-Free Dining Challenge - a campaign aimed at addressing the use of single-use plastics in the foodservice industry and actively working to reduce them.

Plastics are entering our oceans at an alarming rate. According to Ocean Wise, an astonishing 86 per cent of all plastic packaging is used only once then discarded. It can take an estimated 400 or more years for plastics to degrade in the environment, meaning a large percentage of every peice that has ever been created, still remains. Read more here.

With the incredible success of recent movements like #StrawsSuck and #LastStrawToronto, the time is now to build on this momentum and look at ways to further reduce plastic pollution. We are asking you to join us in tackling the plastic pollution problem!

How to participate in LEAF’s Plastic-Free Dining Challenge:

    • Fill out the form at the bottom of this page

    • Take an inventory of your single use plastic using our form

    • Consider one or more items to focus on finding more sustainable replacement (or eliminate all together!). We suggest starting with eliminating plastic straws, stir sticks, burger sticks, and ramekins, or replacing with more sustainable options if needed

    • Communicate your efforts by posting one of our social media messages:

Dine with us and help the oceans! We’ve joined LEAF’s #PlasticFreeDining Challenge to reduce our use of single use plastics. #DoingOurPart

We make reusables look good! We’ve joined LEAF’s #PlasticFreeDining Challenge to reduce our use of single use plastics. #ReusablesAreSexy


Challenge Tip: Look for sources of plastic waste in your restaurant in front and back of house. Most front of house plastics are easy to avoid: reusable ramekins, bamboo burger skewers, spoons for coffee instead of stir sticks (or wooden stir sticks for cafes). Back of house can be a bit trickier. Have conversations with your suppliers about your waste goals - ask for plastic free packaging, and returnable/reusable packaging whenever possible.

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