LEAF Releases 5th Annual list of Canada's Greenest Restaurants

LEAF Marks Five Years Certifying Canadian Eateries for Sustainable Practices

VICTORIA, B.C., April 22, 2016 – If it’s one thing Canadians enjoy, it’s eating out. With so much selection and so little time to prepare meals at home, the resultant environmental footprint from a growing roster of overflowing eateries is immense. In fact, the foodservice industry is one of the most environmentally unfriendly industries with tons of food waste, heavy carbon imprints from food sourcing and deliveries, and an energy output five times higher per square foot than other commercial enterprises. But that is changing, one LEAF-certification at a time.

“We are certainly seeing an upswing in interest and engagement towards making operational changes for greater sustainability, particularly so on school campuses,” said Janine Windsor, president, Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice (LEAF), a third-party certifier of sustainability for food establishments.

Recently the COOPSCO in Quebec signed on 28 of its campus facilities to convert to a greener business model that incorporates sustainable practices such as sourcing local and organic ingredients, reducing waste and saving energy. The move follows other

campuses in Alberta and Manitoba that have earned LEAF accreditation for their restaurants and/or culinary schools.

Five years in, LEAF expects to see the list of certified restaurants jump from 50 to 90 this year, saving each member thousands in energy and operational costs from the eco- upgrades.

Hundreds of indicators are measured to determine where a restaurant stands in its green efforts. Upon becoming certified at levels one, two or three, restaurants are than able to display a LEAF decal that ensures diners they are making the most environmentally and socially responsible choice.

In addition to the 28 establishments to be certified by the summer, Degrees at the University of Manitoba upgraded to the highest certification at Level 3, and Care Bakery recently joined the list in Calgary, the city with the most certified restaurants.

Other highlights from this year's list - Top 6 most sustainable restaurants in Canada are:
Locals Restaurant - Food from the Heart of the Island, Comox, Vancouver Island, B.C. Boxwood Cafe, Calgary, AB

River Cafe, Calgary, AB
The Coup, Calgary, AB
Degrees Restaurant, Winnipeg, MB Chic Alors!, Quebec, QC
- 30 -

About LEAF

Established in Calgary in 2009, LEAF is a non-profit organization that helps restaurants reduce their environmental impact and makes it easy for diners to identify green restaurants. The organization provides a benchmark to measure the environmental sustainability of foodservice establishments in Canada and fosters sustainability by working with the community to support the local economy.

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