The Canadian foodservice industry has a substantial impact on our environment. Food and water waste, excess packaging, chemical use, and
transportation emissions all take a toll on the earth
every time we eat out.

You can make a difference by choosing LEAF Certified restaurants or by becoming LEAF Certified.

Our Mission

Our goal is to continue to grow as the national Canadian leader in sustainable foodservice standards. We provide environmentally conscious knowledge, sustainable tools, and in-person support that ensure the success of each business we work with.

Through the LEAF certification process we help reduce environmental impact by targeting energy, water, and waste reduction. We promote community partnerships and farm-to-table concepts, while also increasing awareness and support of green restaurants across Canada.   


LEAF began in 2009 when President Janine Windsor recognized a need to help the Canadian foodservice industry reduce their environmental footprint. While working in the foodservice industry during university and her dietetic internship, Janine was bothered by the amount of waste she saw on a daily basis. She decided to take action and gathered a group of experienced environmental and foodservice professionals to develop what LEAF has become today: Canada's only nationwide, non-profit foodservice certification program. 

LEAF was officially launched in Calgary in 2010 with River Cafe becoming the first LEAF Certified restaurant in Canada. Since then LEAF has worked with over 100 restaurants from coast-to-coast.

LEAF President, Janine Windsor

LEAF President, Janine Windsor