Green Energy Essential To Sustainability In The Foodservice Industry

It’s no surprise that the foodservice industry uses a lot of energy. It has to. Refrigeration, cooking, lighting, and temperature control are all intensive uses of energy that most restaurants need to run effectively. And all this energy use has a cost that hits pocketbooks and the environment. That’s why choosing a renewable energy provider who offers energy from renewable sources such wind or low-impact hydro power is a great way for restaurants to do their part.

Many of LEAF’s certified restaurants choose Bullfrog Power as their green natural gas: a climate-friendly alternative to conventional, polluting natural gas. Making this choice means restaurant kitchens can operate their facilities with a much more sustainable approach that will significantly decrease their environmental footprint.   

These restaurants are also demonstrating environmental leadership by helping to advance the growth of renewable energy in Canada. More than 115 community-based green energy projects, such as Nelson Solar Garden in BC, and Vulcan Solar Park in Alberta, have come online thanks in part to support from Bullfrog Power customers.

Serving up authentic French food in Calgary, Cassis Bistro is Level 2 LEAF certified and proudly chooses Bullfrog Power to fuel their ever-busy kitchen. Deciding to go green was an easy decision for the team:

"The restaurant industry can be extremely wasteful and taxing on resources,” says Cassis owner Andrea Brassart. “Having a renewable energy program is essential to helping us offset the energy we require to operate. We are very grateful for the program that Bullfrog offers."

"Where you source your food from, is the first step to achieving a sustainable restaurant. Sourcing is key. We compost everything possible and are proud to be part of the HOP composting program. HOP picks up all of our food scraps and turns it into high nutrient soil." 

LEAF President Janine Windsor notes that Canadian consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their environmental footprint and wanting to choose restaurants that are committed to being sustainable.

A recent national survey conducted by Environics Research Group* showed that more than 70 per cent of Canadians believe the country needs to generate more renewable energy in order to meet the demands of the future. Which means LEAF certified restaurants are leaders in the foodservice industry and showing the way to a greener future.