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The annual ENERGY STAR® Canada awards are given to organizations who have made outstanding contributions to protecting the environment through superior energy efficiency. This year, Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice (LEAF) are proud to have been awarded the Recruit of the Year award from ENERGY STAR Canada.

This award recognizes LEAF’s green energy accomplishments as a national Canadian leader in sustainable foodservice standards. LEAF provides environmentally conscious knowledge, sustainable tools, and in-person support that ensure financial success of each restaurant, cafe, and food truck that we work with.

Through the LEAF Certification process, our independent, third-party audit team helps reduce environmental impact by targeting energy, water, and waste reduction. We also promote community partnerships and farm-to-table concepts, while increasing awareness and support of green restaurants across Canada.  

ENERGY STAR Canada recognized LEAF for the following accomplishments:

  • The energy section of the LEAF criteria is one of the most heavily weighted, and using ENERGY STAR certified equipment significantly helps restaurants reach the amount of points required for certification;

  • To be granted “Level 3 LEAF Certified”, which is the highest level, at least 60 per cent of a restaurant’s equipment must be ENERGY STAR certified; and

  • In June 2017, LEAF announced their first annual LEAF Awards competition. ENERGY STAR was part of the evaluation criteria for the awards, which were presented at the 2018 Restaurants Canada Show in February in Toronto, ON.

This is LEAF’s first ENERGY STAR Canada award and is an important recognition that demonstrates the importance of environmental foodservice practices. Canada’s Natural Resources Minister, The Honourable Jim Carr, had this to say:

“Congratulations to Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice (LEAF) for supporting and promoting ENERGY STAR certified foodservice products. Improving energy efficiency contributes first-hand to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and LEAF’s efforts are making it easier for Canadians to save energy and money while protecting the planet. We thank you for your ongoing commitment to improving the availability of energy efficient products in Canada.”

About ENERGY STAR Canada
ENERGY STAR Canada is a 17-year-long energy efficiency success story. The program is a voluntary partnership between the Government of Canada and 1,500+ organizations working to use our natural resources more wisely through greater energy efficiency. Behind each ENERGY STAR label is a product, home, building or industrial facility that is independently certified to use less energy and cause fewer of the emissions that contribute to climate change. ENERGY STAR is Canada’s simple choice to save energy, save money and save our environment. For more information about ENERGY STAR, visit www.energystar.gc.ca